My Cars

only just started making cars, but the list will grow

Citroen 2CV HotRod Conversion
My first real attempt, I was very impressed at the time
Trying out different styles as I go on.

I changed style for this, and Im very impressed
Next time I will make it wider, since it looks very
long, and out of priportion.

Toyota Supra
This time I made sure it was wide enough, I might
make another supra with pop-up head lights
since thats what Ive got in my drive way :D

GMC Sonoma
My first go at a pickup, went pretty well, I made
it for my friend Code966, hope he likes it :)

1951 Nash Healey
I'm very impressed with this one, its a very old
car, and it turned out pretty well. I knew creame
would be a hard colour to work with, but looks
great ingame.