Update - EMP Map 5th August 2002

OK, well I got around to making a EMP Jumping
map for Dingo and RPG, came out ok. I got very
lazy with the design, so its pretty plain, and
small. I suggest making the limit 10 minutes on
the server whilst playing it, since I think that's
long enough for 1 round.

Next on the list, is the HLDM map, and another TFC
training map.


Update - Maps 28th July 2002

Been busy making a few maps, with a Offensive
Vs Deffense Training TFC map, and a Map I made
special for an avi project. Maps in progress are
a HLDM map, and also another TFC one is in the
list, when I get around to it, most people are
requesting a jumping skills map, either an
engineer EMP jump map, or maybe a RJ map.


Update - New Site Up 25th July 2002

Well, I finally got the new site up, so I can show
everyone my progress, And have all my maps
to download.