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-- Latest Alpha : 0.2a, Testing Release 1.0pa --


2 teams of 15-22 (Teenagers) that have social/musical differences battle each other in locations
such as abandoned warehouses and worn down Supermarkets. When killed you have to wait 5 seconds
until you respawn just like Day Of Defeat. The Weapons list is very different from normal MOD's that have the same old weapons such as Ak-47's or Desert Eagles. All weapons can be picked up after you have killed someone unlike CS where u would have to throw your weapon away to pick up a new one you can carry on collecting weapons making your arsenal bigger.

The East Side :-
Gangsters from the Eastside, this gang are well known for there drive by shootings and Liquor store raids. But more often there guns do the talking then using there Intelligence. But money from the rap industry pays for good weapons and plenty of drugs.

The Gothic's don't usually get into the same publicity as the East Sides but they run a smoother and more organized group, feared for there skills in fighting and there general ferocity.

The Feeling we want to give the player, is a unique fighting situation, to let them know what's going on in other countries, and what they have to deal with the problem. We bring this MOD to you, not as another CS Clone, or a WW2 similarity, we want you to see there are other ideas out, and that not everything evolves around having amazing guns, and hundreds of grenades, we want to make it feel like you are there, but we are not going crazy on making it realistic, we want game play, unique game play, and with the ideas we have in mind for Teenage Kicks, You will be experiencing this very soon