Services Banners

A banner can either be a site logo, header for a website or it can be an advertisement banner that gets displayed on other peoples sites.

Site Header - 400x200 - 650x400
High quality image
Mostly depends on what you need.


Small Advertisement Banner - 88x31
Used to link to your site, from other ones
Medium image quality, can be animated if wanted.

Free (maximum of 2per person)

Site/Company Logo- Custom
Totally custom company or site logo
High/Medium image quality
Additional requests will be looked at.


Fully Custom - Custom
Fully custom banner, you tell us what you need, we will price it up and see what we can come up with.

Price depends on requirements.

If interested in what we have to offer, email and ask about any queries you might have. All payments may be made by paypal or some other means of payment which can be discussed in the email.