Services Forum Signatures

Very common from the online gaming community, a forum signiture oftern refered to as a sig is an image displaying your name, and any other online details (often IRC channels, or ICQ number) that get's displayed when you reply to a thread in a forum.

Forum Sig - 400x100 or 300x75
High quality image
Mostly depends on what you need.


Since this has to be totally unique to everyone elses, I require the customer to send an email to with the topic Sig Request and holding the following details;

in which you want to be displayed
Models if you play an online game, would you like model poses from that game in the sig, and if so which ones, in what pose (sg. New Medic from TFC, flying through the air)
Size either 400x100 or 300x75
Extra Text
channel names, quote's or statements, online messengers numbers, anything else you want your sig to have on it
Colours what colour scheme would you want it in? red/black green/white, whatever you want.

The more information that gets given in the sig request email, the more the sig will look like what you wanted, anything special you want on it, just ask.

Because of the large amount of requests coming in each day, it can take up to 3 weeks to get it to you, maybe even more, but patience is a virtue