Services WebDesign

Prices change a lot depending on the customers need, here are the basic guidelines to the webdesign prices. All websites can be hosted here, at but no bandwidth is guaranteed, but it's included in all prices below.

For an option +£10 you may have a domain of your choice, and hosting of this domain too. Although no FTP access is allowed, new scripts will make it possible to update the site without use of FTP software. This fee is per 2 years, which then the domain would need re-registering.

Personal Site - Up to 4-6 Pages
News php support for easy news updates
Low amount of images, Medium quality.


Small Business - Up to 4-15 Pages
News php support for easy news updates
Medium image quality, professional style.


Business Pro - Up to 4-30+ Pages
News php support for easy news updates
High image quality, professional style
Additional support for search capabilities
Ordering form support
Additional requests will be looked at.


Fully Custom - 1+ Pages
Fully custom website, you tell us what you need, we will price it up and see how we can make it affordable to your likings.

Price depends on requirements.

If interested in what we have to offer, email and ask about any queries you might have. All payments may be made by paypal or some other means of payment which can be discussed in the email.